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Highly rated fitness instructors online near you
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Reach millions of people looking for Covid-19 ready in person activities near where they live or work. Advertise your locations on the NearYou Network, Apps, websites and YOUR OWN WEBSITE. It's important to continue to keep an online presence in these uncertain times.

"Very useful and actually it was only one APP which showed me the classes around my area. Very pleased, will continue using. Easy way of locating local classes and new kinds of dancing. Enjoyed the classes very much, will book again for next term."

Liz Rendell, Customer

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Market zoom classes on NearYou effortlessly. Reach millions people looking for online classes on the No1 activity class finder. Its easy to add zoom classes. NearYou takes care of all the administration, payments, notifications reminders and marketing. No pain, just gain.

"It is super-easy book and pay and access the classes via Zoom. NY have made it so simple! Honestly, we are already creating a new revenue stream seamlessly and effortlessly by hosting a virtual studio for our clients using the NearYou platform."

Sally Mantle, The Body Aware Studio

Sell online Zoom classes using NearYou

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Bring people together with video. Create and upload your videos and sell them online. Use Zoom videos or existing videos to increase your customer engagement. So no matter where they can access your classes, anywhere, anytime.

"My students are loving the Near You system, which they find easy to access and which supplies alerts to them for each class, whilst I am hugely appreciative of the reporting mechanisms which have cut down my admin enormously."

Kay Manby, Yoga Teacher

Promote and sell online video series using the NearYou platform

Instructor & Studio Reviews

Modern Martial Arts
Friendly and warm
Modern Martial Arts, West London

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to deal with such professional, friendly and warm people. The NearYou team are so helpful, extremely supportive, helping us make the most of the booking system."

Modern Martial Arts
Really Really Busy
Zenzone Yoga, Dorset

"It's ideal for students, they find it very easy and convenient to use, they like it. It's a great way to advertise, comes up on Google and people can just book in seconds. Most of my students come from the platform. It's easy to manage classes, and venues. It's flexible... and I love the reviews - they keep me on my toes."

Modern Martial Arts
New Opportunities
Emily Pollington, Pilates Element

"NearYou has opened up new opportunities for me, there are so many advantages of using the platform. They are helping me take advantage of new services, to diversify, grow, and try out new things. I’m looking forward to our future growth."

Modern Martial Arts
A Godsend
Jill Thornton Pilates

"Switching to NearYou service was a godsend. My life is easier and more rewarding. Five Star ratings are flowing in, clients like the ease of booking, joining classes on their phones, timely class reminders, and the flexibility of class passes. Support is excellent very professional."

Modern Martial Arts
Transformed my business
The Body Aware Studio

"With the NearYou platform what could be perceived as the death of The Body Aware Studio in the current Coronavirus crisis has been transformed into a huge business opportunity which we will continue to use after we open our doors again."

Modern Martial Arts
NearYou has nailed it
Yoga with Astra

"NearYou is my one stop shop for my zoom classes, events and workshops. Takes all the worry and pain out of running zoom classes, tech made easy. I recommend it to my yoga student teachers."

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Join a Community of 5 Star Instructors. Be part of the award winning NearYou service. The Best activity finder, as voted by the public. The service has received 2 Platinum and 2 Gold Feefo Awards. We believe that everyone should get FREE access to the very best teachers and instructors. Only the best need apply.

"NearYou has been brilliant, and very supportive of keeping a business going in such difficult times - thank you so much." - Lyn Chestnut Yoga

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Feefo Platinum Award 2021
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E-Commerce Award Winner 2020 & 2021

NearYou is the cost effective solution that gives teachers and instructors access to the latest marketing and booking technology for less than a coffee a day. It has all the technology built in. Reminders, notifications, messaging, reporting, and support materials. ecommerce award logo ecommerce award logo

Now in their twelfth year, the eCommerce Awards has consistently broken new ground in highlighting some of the very best online retailers, online companies, agencies, innovations, products and campaigns the ecommerce industry has to offer.

According to the judging panel "The quality and quantity of entrants were very high. We wanted to highlight great companies like NearYou doing great things over a very difficult and unpredictable period."

NearYou cost effective marketing platform

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Reach more people effortlessly. Use the NearYou marketing and booking platform to keep your existing loyal customers reach new customers online. NearYou gives you the edge in a lockdown. It also helps you maintain visibility ready for when the lockdown ends.

"Honestly, we are already creating a new revenue stream seamlessly and effortlessly by hosting a virtual studio for our clients using the PNY platform. The current Coronavirus crisis has been transformed into a huge business opportunity which we will continue to use after we open our doors again."

Emily Paterson, Studio Owner

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List all your activities & reach millions of people searching for Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Art, Meditation and Wellness classes and activities every month. Promote online zoom classes, in person, live workshops, events, on demand videos on the award winning NearYou Global platform. All your listed activities automatically appear on, NearYou mobile apps, and activity specific websites. Sign up now for less than a coffee a day.

A seamless all in one advertising and booking platform that will grow your business. Easy to use, set up in an hour, start taking bookings and winning customers in no time.

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